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50 Sunflower-Inspired Wedding Ideas

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Simply can’t imagine your wedding without sunflowers? Me neither! So here are 50 sunflower-inspired ideas for you and me both!

1. You can incorporate your sunflower theme from start to end

2. Beautiful sunflower chair set-up for an outdoor wedding

Sunflower-Inspired Wedding Chair Set-Up

3. Or this one

Sunflower Decoration Wedding Idea – Photography by Doug Miranda.

4. This rustic sunflower ceremony arch is the perfect place for your unity candle ceremony

Sunflower Ceremony Arch Wedding Idea

5. And these perfect rustic sunflower unity candle set for your special moment to go with it

Sunflower Unity Candle Set For Rustic Wedding Caremony. By “Happy Wedding Art” on Etsy. $31.51

6. And candles actually shaped like sunflowers…

7. Even your groom can be part of the sunflower love

8. And your dog!

Adorable sunflower-inspired wedding Idea for your dog

9. Because sunflower bouquets are the most beautiful

Sunflower Bouquet Wedding Idea

10. For the bridesmaids too

Sunflower Bouquet For Bridesmaids Wedding Ideas

11. “And the yellow sunflower by the brook, in autumn beauty stood” mason jars for your sunflower centerpieces

12. And these custom shot glasses wedding favors to match the theme

13. This charming combination of sunflowers and raffia for your rustic wedding

Sunflower & Raffia Rustic Fall Wedding Decoration Idea

14. Spread the love by giving your guests sunflower seeds

“Dwarf Sunspot” Sunflowers from fresh Helianthus annuus flower seeds. By “My Seed Needs” on Etsy. $2.35 for 60 seeds.

15. This hair

Sunflower-inspired hair style.

16. Or this hair piece

Sunflower Head Piece by “The Honey Comb” on Etsy. $85

17. This Flower Girl sunflower dress

18. To match this ring bearer box and pillow

19. This cake

Sunflower Wedding Cake Idea

20. And this one

Sunflower Wedding Cake With Custom Tree Stump Base. Find custom tree stump base here. By “PostScripts” on Etsy. $39.99

21. And this cake topper

22. Or this cupcake set-up if you prefer…

Rustic wedding cupcake set up decorated with sunflowers – Fall Wedding Idea

23. And these cupcakes…

Sunflower Individual Cupcakes Wedding Idea

24. This sunflower rustic birdcage card holder

Sunflower Birdcage Holder Wedding Idea. By “The Lace Moon” on Etsy. $60

25. Or this funky modern one

26. This guestbook

Sunflower Guestbook Wedding Idea. By “Happy Wedding Art” on Etsy. $29.22+

27. These customized bridal party hangers

Sunflower Bridal Party Hangers. By “JCBees” on Etsy. $193 for 5 hangers (Bride, Maid of Honor and 3 Bridesmaids)

28. These adorable gift bags

Sunflower Gift Bags Wedding Idea – By “Sandy’s Candy Bags” on Etsy. $2.50

29. Or these

DIY Sunflower Little Gift Bags Wedding Favors Idea.

30. This magical ceremony arch decorated with sunflowers – Perfect for your gown photo

Sunflower Ceremony Arch with Wedding Gown Idea

31. And these hanging sunflower pomanders

DIY Hanging Sunflower Pomanders Wedding Idea

32. Stunning wedding rings photo idea

Sunflower Wedding Ring Photo Shoot Idea – Photo Art by Amy

33. This garter

Sunflower Garter by “Exquisite find by CJ” on Etsy. $20.99

34. Heat things up with these customized hot sauce mini bottle favors

Customized BBQ or Hot Sauce with Sunflower Label – By “In Nonna’s Kitchen” on Etsy. $42 for set of 12 units

35. You can use this stamp to customize anything with your sunflower theme

DIY Sunflower Stamp by “Cassa Stamps” on Etsy. $14

36. This sunflower rustic pail wedding bucket

37. Your bridesmaids will love this sunflower little charm necklace to remember your special day forever

38. And everyone will love your sunflower table set up

Sunflower Table Set Up Wedding Idea

39. This horseshoe heart detail decor perfect for a rustic wedding or cowboy wedding

Rustic Sunflower Wedding Horseshoe Heart Detail Decoration – By “Down In The Boondocks” on Etsy. $32

40. This sunflower burlap garland wedding decor

Sunflower Burlap Garland Wedding Decor Idea – By “JCBees” on Etsy. $59+

41. Charming sunflower and denim pew bow decoration idea

Sunflower and Denim Pew Bow Decoration – by “One Fun Day” on Etsy. $13.50

45. These sunflower sheet music paper cones – perfect for your rustic wedding decor or for wedding favors and candy packaging

Sunflower Sheet Music Paper Cones Rustic Wedding Decor – By “Altered Eco Designs” on Etsy. $13.50 (Set of 3)

46. These sunflower fall rustic burlap and lace program also double as fans for the warmer days

47. Sunflowers and barrels always go together

Sunflowers and Barrels Wedding Idea

48. This robe for a fun “getting ready” time with the bridesmaids

Sunflower Robe Kimono Style for the Bridal Party’s big day. By “Silk and More” on Etsy. $67.50 – Set of 2

49. This breathtaking view of the beginning of your new life

Sunflower Ceremony Aisle Wedding Idea

50. And this…

Chris and Chelsea Sunflower Wedding Anniversary Photos – Images by K & S Photography